“You were ready”

Dr. Rosenberg

After all of the drills and the preparation for a “what if” situation, when the alarm bells rang on September 19, you were ready. As the water began to stream in, not only did you respond, you took action in a decisive and efficient manner—one that could never be rehearsed. And for this I commend and thank you.

The entire Saint-Margaret team of staff, volunteers, family members and students fell into step with one another to ensure the safety of our residents, visitors and staff. From Rosalie Dion, SAPA Associate Director, I learned of the swift, secure transport of residents out of the affected area to a dry, safe part of the Centre.

I then heard stories from Dindo Miras, Coordinator, about the human conveyor belt that mobilized to get lunch to residents when the elevator became unavailable with meals not yet served on the second, third and fourth floors. Under these challenging circumstances, the team pulled together and demonstrated resourcefulness and calm.

All the while, staff helped to prevent the water from spreading, while crews worked to contain the leak.

This, to me, is what makes our CIUSSS so special—the compassion and caring we have for our residents, clients and patients. You all demonstrated why we work in health care—even on the toughest days like September 19—because we want to help those in need.

Once again, thank you to each of you for the role you played in keeping our residents safe, and for all that you do every day for our users.

Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg, M.D., Ph.D.
President and CEO