You Make The Difference: François Gagné connects the technology that links people to one another

François Gagné
François Gagné

If you’ve participated in any of the recent relocation and renovation projects that involved Catherine Booth Hospital or the Henri Bradet Residential Centre, you may have noticed a low-key gentleman in a Montreal Canadiens cap. But make no mistake: Despite his unassuming appearance, his role is crucial.

As François Gagné walked methodically from room to room, he ensured that the various IT components were working properly, enabling the healthcare teams to move seamlessly from one site to another, with little or no interruption to their working routine.

“I like to think I make a difference with every project I’m involved in, regardless of its size,” says Mr. Gagné, Specialized IT Technician. “Whether it’s a few employees moving or the complete renovation of a division, I do whatever I can to ensure that people are satisfied with the end result.”

These days, almost every CIUSSS project has an IT component—anything from purchasing equipment to network deployment to telephony. And that’s why Mr. Gagné has been in such demand, especially for two major projects at the Jewish General Hospital: the launch of the first two phases of Pavilion K in 2014 and 2016, and the inauguration of the Centre for Child Development and Mental Health in 2010.

“Very early on, I discovered a passion for computers, how they work and what solutions are available when a technical problem arises,” recalls Mr. Gagné, a MultiHexa College graduate. “Computer science was, by far, one of my favorite courses in high school. During my technical studies, I had the choice of focusing on programming or computer equipment. I turned to computer equipment and I’ve never looked back.”

Mr. Gagné joined the JGH in 2003 as a CSIT technician, and after a few years, he began coordinating his own projects. “This was new for me and the transition was difficult,” he notes. “It was my determination and attention to detail that helped me settled into my new responsibilities.”

Anna Dimitrakopoulos, JGH Chief of Food Services, has been especially appreciative of Mr. Gagné’s help during the recent transfer of management of the food court to the hospital’s kitchen staff. “François was extremely helpful,” she says, “and he played an essential role in making the changeover possible. His contribution was exceptional.”

It’s the Pavilion K project that holds a special place in Mr. Gagné’s heart, notably the design of the computer telecommunications rooms and coordination of the infrastructure. “I contributed to that project from beginning to end, from integrating the seismic monitors to relocating patients and staff. It fills me with pride every time I set foot in Pavilion K.”