Welcoming new staff to our CIUSSS

SAPA Director Barbra Gold welcomes new employees.
SAPA Director Barbra Gold welcomes new employees.

Though new CIUSSS employees are joining a workforce of 10,000, they’re welcomed in much the same way healthcare users are treated: with special care and attention.

Since fall, a new training team has welcomed staff twice a month, to share information on the culture and philosophy of the CIUSSS, as well as the services offered by the network. The Organizational Development Human Resources team share the stage with a senior executive who reviews the mission, vision and organizational values of the CIUSSS, and also lays out the expectations of the network, to give new staff members some direction.

“The sessions have been exceptionally popular,” says Salma Drissi Kamili, a Skills Development Advisor who has hosted the half-day gathering. “Without the collaboration of our HR recruiting and advisory teams, it would be impossible to attract so many people,” she added appreciatively.

New staff receive an overview of the different services provided by the Human Resources, Communications, Legal Affairs and Global Security Department. They also learn about Health, Safety and Well-being in the Workplace, data confidentiality, quality and patient experience, infection control and emergency measures.

“We’ve received feedback following the orientation sessions, new staff find them very engaging,” adds Ms. Kamili. Some of the comments new hires have shared about their onboarding:

  • It gave me a better understanding of the organization and a deeper appreciation for teamwork.
  • An excellent presentation, very informative. The presenters answered all of my questions.
  • The hosts were dynamic and shared anecdotes that really gave us a sense of what it’s like to work here.
  • I am very excited to be a part of the CIUSSS!