Wall-to-wall appreciation: Benny Farm Finance staff honour administrative colleagues

Appreciation Wall
From left: Johanne Dugas, Rafaela De Leon, Mary Saviolidis, Esther Benayoun.

This was no dividing wall. In fact, the wall built this spring by members of Benny Farm Finance was designed to bring the team even closer together, says its ‘architect’, André Charbonneau, the Department of Finance Administrative Assistant who came up with the initiative.

On the occasion of Administrative Professionals’ Week, from April 23 to 27, administrative staff belonging to the Finance Department at the Benny Farm site were greeted by hand-written notes of appreciation written by their grateful colleagues. Each note of thanks addressed either a specific staff member or a group such as the ‘lunch gang’, completing the phrase, “I appreciate…”. The post-its were all displayed on a common wall.

“At the beginning of the week, we assembled our team and introduced them to the Wall of Appreciation activity,” says Mr. Charbonneau. “We were pleasantly surprised, everyone participated and before long, our wall was brimming with notes!”

A handful of comments related to individual staff members’ work ethic, praising their commitment to improving the department, their leadership and expertise, their collaborative approach and team work, and for “stepping up during a difficult time period in the department”. Most, however, reflected the supportive and convivial culture within the team:

I appreciate…

… your company and lovely personality

… your willingness to help, always with a smile

… the way that you share equally

… the way you crack me up

Finally, there were notes that expressed gratitude that extended beyond the four office walls, remarking, “I appreciate your friendship,” and “I appreciate you always reminding me what is really important in life.”