Together, everyone achieves more

Pearl Whamond, SAC (Nursing Educator)

They say teamwork makes the dream work and that’s exactly what Pearl Whamond, SAC is trying to achieve. Her dedication to not only her patients but her team helps everyone achieve their goals at the Catherine Booth Hospital.

As the nursing educator, Pearl has firsthand experience for what is needed to ensure the interests of her patients are put first. When any situation arises, she is the first in line to look for solutions and she always supports her team members by sharing her knowledge to improve the quality of care they provide.

Her dedication to the team knows no bounds as she is always coming up with new and creative ways to ensure everyone feels valued. During Valentine’s Day, Pearl organized a staff appreciation activity. Employees were encouraged to write down a colleague’s strength on a heart that would be placed on the unit walls for all staff and patients to see. These valentines allowed each staff member to take a moment and celebrate each other’s hard work and their efforts that they put towards making Catherine Booth the best place for its patients.

“Pearl goes above and beyond in helping maintain and improve the work climate on the unit,” states Sharon O’Grady, Chief Rehabilitation Nurse, “everything she does is greatly appreciated by the team!”

Pearl believes that everyone deserves recognition for their hard work. She took International Nurses Day a step further by creating loot bags for each nurse and licensed practical nurses (LPN) which included a survival kit with candy and chocolates.

It’s these little things that really help the team perform their day to day activites.

Thank you Pearl for making a difference!