Participants view some of the research posters on display at the first Rehabilitation Scientific Day

Translating research into practice

The first ever Rehabilitation Scientific Day brought the latest research front and center to CIUSSS West-Central Montreal rehabilitation therapists Rehabilitation therapists and researchers from…

Members of the 75-strong Technical Aids Service team include occupational therapists and technicians who specialize in wheelchair positioning, orthotics and prosthetics, as well as mechanics and administrative staff.

Moving with the times

Technical Aids Service team offers hands-on training on new mobility equipment tate-of-the-art mobility equipment such as prosthetics and motorized wheelchairs keep limited-mobility clients moving,…

New, standardized inpatient prescription form for all CIUSSS hospitals and long-term care facilities

Keeping in good form

A single CIUSSS West-Central Montreal committee responsible for the standardization of medical file forms has replaced individual committees at sites throughout the network, with…