Staffers become students for a day, all in the name of respect

Close your eyes, take deep breaths and think of something serene….

Short of bringing their yoga mats to work, frontline staff learned how to keep cool when hot-button problems arise, in a one-day session on respect in the workplace. Participants were trained in managing stressful scenarios and responding constructively when confronted with a difficult situation on the job. To help internalize the lessons, they were guided through realistic simulations, taking part in role playing and hands-on exercises.

Three groups of frontline staff from different facilities and missions in CIUSSS West-Central Montreal were the first to benefit from the training, which was provided by external experts in the field from Groupe CFC. “We felt that creating smaller groups would be most conducive to a positive learning experience,” says Francine Dupuis, Associate CEO. “Staff were given ample opportunity to ask questions, express themselves, and learn from one another.”

Danny Gaudreau, an Administrative Agent in the Department of Mental Health and Addiction who attended the training, agreed, “The most inspiring part of the experience was listening to colleagues share their stories and talk about the ways they dealt with tough situations that involved their colleagues or users.”

In the coming months, additional respect-focused training sessions will take place.

This training was offered through the generous support of the Central Users’ Committee.