Renewing our pledge to do our best

Making a verbal promise is something that most of us do practically every day. It’s quick, it’s usually fairly informal, and it gets the job done. But on certain occasions, nothing can take the place of words on paper (even if the “paper” is digital). When a promise takes on a deeper significance, it becomes a pledge, and it should be represented by nothing less than a formal document.

It was this desire to serve the residents of CIUSSS West-Central Montreal that led the network’s leadership to adopt a statement of Mission and Values and to recognize a Code of Ethics, two texts that are at the core of our daily interaction with patients, clients and residents.

In our statement of Mission and Values, we commit to upholding safety, respect, compassion and inclusiveness in health care, social services, education and research. In the Code of Ethics, we set out our users’ rights to confidentiality, their involvement in consent and decision-making, acceptable end-of-life care, and much more.

In the nearly four years since CIUSSS West-Central Montreal came into existence, we have all dedicated our efforts to delivering an exceptional user experience. This has meant taking active measures to streamline the continuum of care, upgrade the quality of care, broaden access to care, minimize the duplication of programs and services, and increase accountability for spending decisions.

For many of us, these matters are already second nature and intrinsic to our culture—and for this, I applaud you. However, it is also worth noting that as part of our network’s accreditation process this November, every member of staff should be familiar with both documents. They are published online to reaffirm—both for ourselves, and our healthcare users—what our network stands for, even as we strive to provide care with the utmost courtesy, compassion and professionalism.

Lawrence Rosenberg, M.D., Ph.D.
President and CEO