Relaxation was OM-nipresent at DRHCAJ gathering

The suggested dress code of comfortable clothing and low-heeled shoes was a little peculiar for a meeting of professionals from the four departments that form the Human Resources, Communications, Legal Affairs and Global Security Directorate. The 110 staff members who assembled on March 16 at the Jewish General Hospital were greeted by a sunny beach scene projected at the front of the amphitheatre, dim lights and sounds of water lapping up on shore.  The calming atmosphere set the scene for the “surprise” planned by HR organizers that opened the event—a mindfulness session.

“I was not expecting a meditation exercise at such a large directorate meeting, but after a few minutes I really got into it!” says Fabrice Baro, Digital Media Specialist.

“The meditation exercise was simply a divine idea!” agrees Sara Fiset, a new CIUSSS employee. “I even heard my colleagues afterwards say, ‘ah, all of my stress and aches have disappeared’. This is a culture that I adhere to completely, because happy employees perform better at work.” Ms. Fiset, a replacement administrative technician on the Training team, notes that following the soothing mindfulness session, “we were open body and spirit to hear the important Hoshin Kanri presentations” that followed.

Each branch of the directorate shared their Hoshin Kanri, with several also offering introductions of their teams:

  • Khanh Du Dinh, Associate of the directorate responsible for Global Security
  •  Nathalie Lecoq, Chief Legal Counsel
  • Glenn J. Nashen, Associate Director of Communications and Media Relations
  • Beverly Kravitz, Director of Human Resources, Communications, Legal Affairs and Global Security

“It’s a great way to get to know each other, what we do and how we can work together on common projects and interests,” says Ms. Kravitz.

A draw at the end of the meeting sent several lucky participants away with parting gifts from sponsors David’s Tea, Keith Hardie, Shlomi Levi, Reitmans, the JGH Foundation, and Communications and Media Relations.

“What better way to instill a sense of belonging, and help us feel appreciated by our employer,” says Ms. Fiset. “This certainly motivates me to give the best of myself!”