Recognizing the contribution of our oncology nurses

Oncology nurses
Oncology nurses

The exceptional work of oncology nurses was recognized on National Oncology Nursing Day, April 4. Their tremendous contribution has helped earn our CIUSSS recognition for its excellence in the field.

“The expertise of our CIUSSS’s oncology nurses makes it possible to provide high-quality care to our cancer patients.” – Serge Cloutier, Director of Nursing and Dr. Gerald Batist, Medical Director of the Segal Cancer Centre.

“It is thanks to the dynamism of our oncology nurses that initiatives such as Belong and the distress assessment tool have been implemented in our CIUSSS. These projects ensure that we offer care based on the latest scientific recommendations.”  – André Poitras and Bessy Bitzas, Associate Directors of Nursing.

“On this National Oncology Nursing Day, we take the opportunity to thank oncology nurses in all areas of expertise. The trajectory of oncology patients is complex and often consists of several stages, at times involving radiotherapy, surgery, outpatient clinics, medicine and palliative care. Thanks, thanks, thanks! – Cania Vincelli, Clinical-Administrative Coordinator of Surgery, Medicine and Neuroscience and Karine Lepage, Clinical-Administrative Coordinator of Oncology and Medicine.