Prevention is key for workplace safety

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Do you have any comments, suggestions or concerns concerning health, safety or well-being at your workplace? The new Declaration of an at-risk or dangerous situation form*, available on the intranet, allows you to notify Health, Safety and Well-Being in the Workplace of a situation that poses a potential risk to users and employees.

Examples of risky or dangerous situations include:
• Bulky or improperly installed wiring that poses a tripping hazard
• Defective equipment such as a patient or resident lift

The form can be completed by any staff member within CIUSSS West-Central Montreal establishments and emailed to The Health, Safety and Well-Being in the Workplace team will follow up as necessary to ensure a safe environment.

As a reminder, you’ll find this and other Health, Safety and Well-being in the Workplace forms on the intranet at Employees > Health, Safety and Well-Being in the Workplace.