Person-Centred Care: It starts with you!

Why Planetree?

Starting in 2019, our CIUSSS will formally adopt the Planetree person-centred model of care. Planetree currently partners with 700 healthcare organizations—spanning the continuum of care—in 25 countries around the globe.

This fall, managers and senior leaders from our CIUSSS attended a day-long retreat featuring guest speakers Alan Manning and Jim Kinsey from Planetree International, to learn about the organization’s philosophy and approach.

What is person-centred care?

Person-centred care places healthcare users as equal partners in their care. This means putting our clients, patients and residents, along with their families, at the centre of decisions regarding care, and seeing them as experts working alongside professionals to achieve the best outcomes. When staff members are motivated by a sense of purpose in their work and are given opportunities to acquire new skills in a supportive environment, they can help realize more possibilities for change at an individual level, or system-wide.

How will Planetree be enacted in our CIUSSS?

A Planetree coordinator and advisors from the Quality team will be trained by Planetree International, and then in turn work with all the directorates and their appointed Planetree ambassadors to develop initiatives in their areas.

Planetree will also be integrated into all of the training that is carried out throughout the network, as an integral part of all that we do. The initiative will be co-chaired by the Quality Department and the Directorate of Human Resources, Communications, Legal Affairs and Global Security.