Patient Safety

por_ropEveryday staff throughout our CIUSSS work to ensure that our patients, residents and clients are cared for in a safe environment. Some are employees, who go above and beyond. On a monthly basis, we would like to highlight these individuals and teams for their dedication and hard work.

In this edition of 360, we turn our focus to the exceptional work of Anya Morel, Lab Technician, who works in the Department of Diagnostic Medicine at the Jewish General Hospital.

Anya was recently processing a specimen and noted that the first name of the patient in the system did not match the identification information on the specimen and requisition. This called into question whether all previous laboratory results for this patient were entered correctly.

She immediately brought this to her supervisors’ attention. From there, an interdisciplinary team worked to solve the problem and reworked the workflow to decrease the chances of this situation recurring.

Our goal is to improve the quality of care and increase patient safety throughout our CIUSSS for all of our users. Thank you, Anya, for your commitment to patient safety!

Please do not hesitate to send us the names of patient safety champions in your departments:

Chantal Bellerose
Coordinator of quality, risk management, accreditation and patient experience

Lianne Dzygala
Chef de service Qualité et gestion des risques – soins aigus

Nathalie Trastour
Chef de service Qualité et gestion des risques- Soins de longue durée, Soins à domicile, Réadaptation,

In preparation for our accreditation visit

A reminder to all staff to please read all of your Required Organizational Practice (ROP) Bulletins which are being released each week and are posted on the CIUSSS Intranet in preparation for Accreditation Canada’s visit from December 4-9, 2016. You are participating in all draws in great numbers and we will share the winners’ names soon! Also a big thank you to all of the authors!