Participants sought for study on end-of-life care in a multiethnic milieu

End-of-life care
End-of-life care

How do Montrealers of different origins experience end of life and death?

The people who accompany their loved one toward the end of life have valuable insights to share about the challenges and difficulties they may have encountered. To help make this journey smoother, as a first step researchers at Migration and ethnicity in interventions in the health and social services (METISS) are reaching out to Montrealers who have recently lost someone close to them.

“By documenting end of life and death within Montreal’s multiethnic population, our researchers hope ultimately to contribute to improved services for those at the end of their life, as well as their loved ones,” says Sylvie Fortin, who heads the research.

Some of the key questions METISS researchers will investigate:
• How did the end of life transpire?
• What conflicts or negotiations arose between family members, be they local or foreign?
• What was the dynamic between families and care providers?

The METISS team is calling on CIUSSS West-Central Montreal staff from CLSCs Benny Farm, René-Cassin, Métro, Parc-Extension, Côte-des-Neiges and Plaza Site, SAPA facilities as well as palliative care teams to recruit participants who:
• accompanied a loved one in the final year of their life
• cared for a child, an adult, or an elderly person who passed away at home or in a health facility
• are an immigrant or the child or grandchild of immigrants or belong to a religion other than Catholicism
• lived, at the time, in the Greater Montreal area

The research team offers the following options to staff who have identified a client that fulfills these criteria:
• Explain the project to them and ask if they agree to have their coordinates sent to the research team, who will follow up
• Offer them a pamphlet explaining the project, and suggest they contact the research team themselves
• Post flyers promoting the project in common areas of your facility

The study is led by Ms. Fortin (University of Montreal) along with Josiane Le Gall (SHERPA, CLSC Parc-Extension), Lilyane Rachédi (University of Quebec in Montreal), Géraldine Mossière and Ignace Olazabal (University of Montreal). CIUSSS West-Central Montreal professionals involved in the research project include Social Workers Marie Drolet (SAPA, CLSC Métro), Patrick Durivage (SAPA, CLSC René-Cassin), Catherine Sigouin (SAPA, Plaza Site) and Annick Simard, Clinical Counselor for Multidisciplinary Services (CLSC Métro).

For any questions or to request promotional pamphlets or flyers, contact the project’s research coordinator Marie-Ève Samson at 438 938-4848 or Visit to learn more about the project.