Let’s celebrate the successes of the Frontline Services

letter of appreciation to Info-Santé Nurse
Mother's letter of appreciation to Info-Santé Nurse Barbara Dorion, who helped save the life of a four-month-old child.

The Frontline Integrated Services Directorate coordinates the activities of medical clinics, family medicine groups, CLSCs and other health promotion centres. The team also oversees Info-Santé | Info-Social, PRAIDA, the mother-child health teams, midwifery services, youth programs and the public health program.

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17% increase in vaccinated clientele
With updated processes and improved planning for vaccination clinics, the former de la Montagne and Cavendish groups saw an increase of 12.6% and 21.63% respectively in the number of vaccinated clients.

Dental care offered for high school youth
Students at La Voie High school, including immigrant youth, are now receiving preventive and free dental care. The initiative is made possible through the collaboration of the school nurse and dental hygienist from the school team.

Opening of five super clinics
Three super-clinics were created in our CIUSSS’s territory in September 2017: GMF-R Herzl, Queen Elizabeth and MétroMédic. Two other super-clinics will open on April 1st, the GMF-R Diamond and Westmount-Square.

First Nations, Métis and Inuit in Montreal, exploring HIV prevalence
This research project is conducted in partnership by our CIUSSS, the CHUM, Concordia University and the SIDA/MI network. Over an eight month period approximately 200 people from First Nations, Metis and Inuit populations will be recruited at CLSC Métro and screened.

Reduction of the “main-d’oeuvre indépendante” for Info-Santé
Through a series of actions, the Info-Santé team was able to reduce its use of “main-d’oeuvre indépendante” (MOI). In four years, the need has decreased from 1526 hours of MOI/period to only 56 hours.

Reduced wait times for the Jeunes en difficulté program
Since September 2017, the wait time for psychosocial services offered through the Jeunes en difficulté service program has been reduced from 48.5 days to 25.8 days, thereby reducing the number of young people waiting for services.

Strengthening links between the CIUSSS and pharmacists
Several initiatives have recently been put into place to promote communication between our CIUSSS and pharmacists, particularly those in the Cavendish sector such as, The Partner zone on the website of the CIUSSS, a newsletter and subcommittees of pharmacists in FMG are just a few examples.

Complete review of prenatal and prenatal classes online
In 2017, a major overhaul of the content and formats of prenatal classes was done to incorporate the most up-to-date knowledge and principles of andragogy.

Violent Radicalization in Quebec: a program managed by SHERPA, Frontline Services and Academic Affairs
This multidisciplinary team is mandated to respond to situations of discrimination suffered by families, provide support to the them and offer consultations to individuals or families who need intervention because of radicalization.

Asylum seekers: a new trajectory of care for pregnant women
During the massive influx of asylum-seekers in the summer and fall of 2017, team members worked with PRAIDA to establish a trajectory of care for pregnant women.

An intervention that made all the difference
Congratulations to Barbara Dorion, Info-Santé nurse, who helped save the life of a four-month-old child on December 25. The story of this touching intervention, as well the mother’s letter of appreciation to Barbara, is available on the intranet.

New Integrated Practice Units (IPUs)
The team members are currently working on two new IPUs: children aged 0-7 years old with developmental delays and Mother-Child/Perinatal Mental Health. The first one aims to improve the quality, continuity and fluidity of services for children aged 0-7 years. The second looks at better screening of mental health problems during the perinatal period.

To share a project, an initiative, or an idea that made a difference to your team, contact Julie Beauvilliers, Communications Specialist at julie.beauvilliers.ccomtl@ssss.gouv.qc.ca.