Let’s celebrate the successes of the Finance team

Finance Accounts Receivable team
Finance Accounts Receivable team

See the complete successes of the Finance team

This team’s mandate is to ensure the proper management of the budget, financial integrity and accountability of the entire CIUSSS. The members of this team also work in collaboration with all managers to provide them with support and expertise in their budget planning. 

Excellent financial performance for the CIUSSS
Since its creation, the CIUSSS has achieved balanced financial results, in accordance with Ministry requirements, for each of its financial years. For a third consecutive year, the budget team is training managers in each directorate to read and understand financial reports and prepare projections. The result is a better understanding of financial information, more accurate projections and better decision-making. 

Improved financial reporting on the web
An improved web tool provides CIUSSS managers with access to detailed transactions and all financial reports in a clear and user-friendly manner.  

Creation of a strategic budget committee 
The mandate of this multidisciplinary committee is to advise the President and Chief Executive Officer and the Associate CEO on all budgetary questions. The CIUSSS directors are also in a position to better understand the budgetary challenges facing the organization. 

Centralization of the Finance team 
With the exception of the payroll team, the entire Finance Department is now located on the third floor of the CLSC de Benny Farm. Since October 2017, this centralization of employees has created a pleasant, more efficient and practical work environment. 

Harmonization of systems for greater efficiency
In October 2017, the financial information of the nine merged establishments was combined into a single system for accounting and purchasing. This unification allows the team to be more efficient while providing detailed information far more rapidly. One month later, the combined human resources and payroll management system was unified. Information relating to the payroll of all 10,000 employees is now grouped together in a system called GRH Paie. This facilitates the analysis and transmission of data for the entire CIUSSS. 

Consolidation of supplier files
Through the harmonization of the accounting system, the Finance team has been able to eliminate many duplications of suppliers for the entire CIUSSS. The number of suppliers accounted for has decreased from 30,000 to 10,000, increasing the efficiency of the accounts payable team. 

Centralized email address for supplier invoices
To improve the efficiency of the supplier invoice processing system, a centralized email portal has been introduced. The main objective of this system is to reduce payment delays to CIUSSS suppliers and the number of lost invoices. All supplier invoices should be sent directly to payable.ccomtl@ssss.gouv.qc.ca

Online paystub 
By reducing paper printing and having to retrieve it in person, all CIUSSS employees now have access to their time sheet and pay stub in eEspresso. 

Reimbursement of your expenses also online
Since August 2018, the Finance team has introduced a more efficient electronic system for reimbursing your expenses. Available in eEspresso, this system will significantly reduce payment delays.

Pre-authorization of payment for non-residents in ER
In June 2018, the Finance team instituted a new process for acquiring a pre-authorization of payment for non-residents when they visit the Emergency Room. This new process will improve the collectability of revenues and reduce the amount of bad debts to the CIUSSS. 

To ensure the well-being of employees
Every month, the Finance team meets to celebrate each other’s birthdays and major achievements. A “recognition wall” for the members of this team has also been created to recognize each other’s successes. Walking groups, skating groups, knitting clubs and creative games are some examples of activities organized to enhance the well-being of staff. 

To share a project, an initiative, or an idea that made a difference to your team, contact Julie Beauvilliers, Communications Specialist at julie.beauvilliers.ccomtl@ssss.gouv.qc.ca.