Let’s celebrate the success stories of Human Resources, Communications, Legal Affairs and Global Security

This directorate (DRHCAJ) includes Human Resources, Communications, Legal Affairs and Global Security. The department has many mandates, with the teams working very hard to help ensure successful achievement of our CIUSSS objectives. 

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Over $12,000 raised by the Mindstrong Staff Stigma Fighters team
With 19 team members, including the DRHCAJ director and Captain Beverly Kravitz, $12,175 was raised as part of the fourth edition of Mindstrong. This annual fitness event took place on Sunday, May 6 at Midtown Le Sanctuaire. The funds raised by the team have been donated to a special fund at the Jewish General Hospital Foundation to support initiatives that promote the mental health and wellness of CIUSSS staff.

Acceptance of Health and Safety grant application
Last April, the Human Resources team submitted grant applications as part of the Ministry of Health and Social Services’ occupational health and safety prevention program for the prevention of worplace accidents and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). The team recently received a positive response about this. More information will be available soon.

More than 400 media requests for PRAIDA
The media relations team, comprised of Emmanuelle Paciullo and Carl Thériault, has been busy in recent months, with over 400 media requests regarding the Regional Program for the Settlement and Integration of Asylum Seekers (PRAIDA). Working in tandem with the Health and Social Services Ministry, Francine Dupuis, Associate CEO, and the Front-Line Services directorate, the media relations team managed to respond to constant queries in connection with the increase in the number of asylum seekers in Canada.  

Centralization of the Legal Affairs team
On Friday, May 18, the Legal Affairs team moved to their new location on the 5th floor of the Jewish General Hospital, Pavilion B. This move will allow the team to better respond to requests and offer legal expertise throughout the CIUSSS. 

Integration of Security and Emergency Measures teams
Two years have passed since the integration of these teams, with the result proving to be very positive. Increased training for security officers on emergency measures and general security issues, improved procedures and more fluid communication between the two teams are just a few examples.

First edition of the Leaders Summit
On March 22, the Human Resources team organized the first Leaders Summit. Over 130 CIUSSS managers attended this training and networking event at the Gelber Conference Centre.

Publication of the new Well-Being magazine
The first edition of the Well-Being magazine was published in fall of 2017 and produced by the Communications team. The magazine – available free of charge at all CIUSSS sites – is meant to inform users of the services offered by our 34 facilities and to help them better navigate the healthcare system. The magazine is produced yearly, with a print run of approximately 7000 copies. 

Series of training courses conducted and offered by Legal Affairs
To standardize CIUSSS’ legal affairs practice, the team recently offered a series of training sessions. Topics included: the rules governing consent to care for minors, institutional guards and their legal obligations, the rights of psychiatric patients and the methods of awarding supply contracts.  

Completed development of our Plan local de sécurité civile
Our CIUSSS is one of the first to have completed its Plan local de sécurité civile, as required by the Health and Social Services Ministry. The Global Security team and its key collaborators are now well aware of the various risks that could affect us in terms of civil security. 

Air quality at the CIUSSS: an everyday concern
Each year, a comprehensive indoor air quality assessment is conducted in all our CIUSSS buildings. Many corrective measures are then taken to improve the quality of life at work. In 2017, some 889 measurements were taken by Mario Beaulieu, Industrial Hygienist and Health and Safety Advisor, in collaboration with two other members of his team. These measurements resulted in more than 7112 pieces of data being collected. The work done by this team ensure air quality compliance throughout the CIUSSS. 

Nearly a hundred videos produced in one year
To share news of our CIUSSS with the general public, the communications team has produced almost 100 videos. Posted on various platforms – including social media and the CIUSSS website – these videos, shot by part-time videographer Julien Lombard tell the story of who we are as a health network. Each member of the communications team has played a role in creating at least one video, with Carl Thériault leading the pack. They having participated in the production of almost 80 videos, a dozen of these are part of the West Central Report, a news-themed series on major accomplishments within the CIUSSS. 

New training course from the Legal Affairs team
A brand new training course will be offered on May 29 regarding institutional custody, applications for authorization to care or accommodation and orders of the Tribunal administratif du Québec, under the Criminal Code. This training will be aimed at psychiatric staff and any other interested person. 

Successful Yellow stat code simulation 
We all hope that the abduction of a baby will never become a reality in our CIUSSS, or anywhere else. However, the Global Security team organized a Yellow stat code simulation to validate its response capacity and identify areas for improvement. The event took place on April 18 in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Jewish General Hospital.

Standardization of individual training requests across the CIUSSS
To facilitate the work of managers, the Human Resources team has recently standardized over nine procedures related to individual training requests. The ten pre-existing forms in the various establishments of our CIUSSS have been reduced to one user-friendly form. As a result, the reimbursement process has been simplified for both employees and managers.

Second edition of the Elected Officials Summit
On Friday, April 13, the second edition of the Elected Officials Summit took place, an initiative of the Communications team, under the responsibility of communications specialist, Leyla di Cori. Under the theme “The Integration of Health and Social Services in the Community”, this event enabled federal, provincial and municipal elected representatives from our territory to network and attend conferences. About forty participants were present in the auditorium of Pavilion A of the Jewish General Hospital.

Training on managing people in crisis situations
In order to better equip the Jewish General Hospital’s security officers, a brand new four-day training session will be given and completed by the fall of 2018. These officers will be trained in techniques that can help diffuse a volatile situation and even take physical control when the situation so requires. The Global Security team seeks to improve the safety of users and staff. Training will be provided by Commissaires, a Canadian security services company. 

Orientation for all new CIUSSS employees
Starting in the fall of 2018, a new CIUSSS orientation day will be offered to all new employees. This full-day event will be broken down into two parts – the morning portion will be dedicated to welcoming and teaching new staff about the CIUSSS, with the afternoon focused on their specific site and directorate. 

Deployment of phase 3 of the GRH-Paie project
The integration of the former CSSS Cavendish institutions in Logibec (phase 1) and the merging of the databases of the nine main institutions of our CIUSSS (phase 2) are complete. The Human Resources team is working to finalize the last steps of the GRH-Paie integration, namely the harmonization of processes and practices. This work will optimize the operational deployment of all system functionalities. Planned activities include the deployment of computerized schedules and the vacation management module for the 2018-2019 winter schedules.

To share a project, an initiative, or an idea that made a difference to your team, contact Julie Beauvilliers, Communications Specialist at julie.beauvilliers.ccomtl@ssss.gouv.qc.ca.