Last sprint to the finish line…. Mock visitors drop in just ahead of Accreditation

Staff and Patient Partners recently had the rare opportunity to be investigative reporters for CIUSSS West-Central Montreal. Recruited to carry out mock visits of fifty-eight areas across the network, their aim was prepare employees for the upcoming Accreditation visit, which will take place from November 25 to 28.

The day started with a welcome from Chantal Bellerose and her team of Quality experts, who trained the mock visitors on techniques to elicit information from staff, physicians, students, volunteers, users and visitors, as a real visitor would. The participants were grouped into small teams and sent to sites other than their own work place, equipped with sample questions.

“This year’s exercise was especially interesting because the entire CIUSSS was represented,” says Nathalie Trastour, Chief of Quality and Risk Management. “The scope of the activity gave everyone a sense of just how many services are offered in our network.”

Following a half-day visit to their assigned location, the “visitors” had time to reflect on their experience with others over lunch at the JGH. Teams presented an overview of their visits, applauding many accomplishments and identifying areas in need of improvement.

“It was a fascinating exercise in rapprochement,” reported Colette Béchard, Administrative Program Manager, Constance-Lethbridge, MAB-Mackay and Miriam Home and Services. “For many of us, it was our first time stepping into other facilities in our CIUSSS. When you meet colleagues providing care in a different work environment, it helps you to better understand their role, their challenges, and the needs of their users.”

Anthony Brown points to the dedication of CIUSSS teams who—however busy preparing for the upcoming Accreditation Canada visit—continue to engage patient partners like himself. “You recognize the importance of building trust with healthcare users and the community,” he remarked. “That commitment is directly reflected in the quality of care you provide.”

Ms. Bellerose assures staff, “Accreditation can be a stressful time in an organization, but it is one of the most valuable process we have to ensure that we are offering the highest quality care and services, and the best user experience, in the safest and most secure environment. This simulation showed us that Quality is in our DNA. Here’s our occasion to celebrate our teams’ remarkable achievements.”