It’s time to unwind—and do it right!

Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg and Francine Dupuis
Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg and Francine Dupuis

For most of the year, we’re so intently focused on our professional responsibilities toward our clients, residents and patients that we can easily slip into the mindset that taking a vacation is a misuse of our time. Idleness? Wasteful. Having fun? Self-indulgent. Distancing ourselves from work? Disloyal.

To that we say: Nonsense! Taking a breather—and doing it properly—is as much of an obligation as giving our best effort when we’re on the job. No matter how hard we try to minimize stress during the work week, there’s no substitute for a revitalizing vacation that allows us to reconnect with ourselves, our families, our friends and the things we cherish most.

By taking a physical rest and lowering our stress level, we restore balance to our lives and provide ourselves with the “armour” that makes us more effective at coping with stress when we return to work. Far from being disloyal while on vacation, we actually respect our healthcare users by making ourselves better able to meet their needs—and that holds true, whether we work at the bedside or in a kitchen, research lab, boiler room, administrative office, security desk or any other location.

So do yourself a favour: When your vacation rolls around, embrace it guilt-free. And while you’re at it, resist the temptation to check your office email or voicemail. Otherwise, you risk undoing all the good that a vacation can offer. You can do your best only if you’re at your best.

Have a wonderful summer.

Lawrence Rosenberg, M.D., Ph.D.
President and CEO
CIUSSS West-Central Montreal

Francine Dupuis
Associate CEO
CIUSSS West-Central Montreal