IPAC and Patient Safety Weeks were full of educational activities throughout CIUSSS West-Central Montreal

National Infection Prevention and Control Week , that ran from October 17 to October 21, showed the importance of hand hygiene and its link to better heath care. The Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) team hosted a presentation by Dr. Yves Longtin, Chair of Infection Prevention and Control Unit, on the importance of preventing the transmission of CRO within the CIUSSS. A video of Dr. Longtin’s presentation is available on the intranet, click here to watch it.

The team also had a kiosk located in Pavilion K with games, gifts and a photo booth! A hand hygiene pledge tree, where visitors were asked to sign their name and guarantee their commitment to keeping our network safe, was on display to demonstrate that hand hygiene is everyone’s responsibility and we should all be making a conscious effort to protect ourselves and our users. To be a part of that commitment, click here to complete the hand hygiene module and click here to view the ‘Partnering to Heal” videos!

The end of IPAC Week was followed by the National Patient and User Safety Weeks that started on October 24. With popular kiosk activities all over CIUSSS West-Central Montreal, there was a large scope of learning for all participants involved! At the JGH alone, 18 kiosks presented their mandate and how their helping our network every day.

The Division of Quality, Evaluation, Performance, Ethics and Archives and the Infection Prevention and Control department would like to congratulate the following winners:
National Infection Prevention and Control Week winners

Congratulations to the following winners:

Diane Kennedy – Movie pass for two
Christina MacDonald – Lunch Box
Carmen Sime – L’Oreal/Kerastase gift box

Jewish Eldercare:
Shaneeza Allie – Tablet

Charlotte Gauthier – Movie pass for two

Donald Berman Maimonides:
Ruth Bellille – Movie pass for two

Catherine Booth:
Anselma Julien – Movie pass for two

Patient and User Safety Weeks winners:

The winner of the spa day:
Marisa Mastrocola from Miriam Centre

The winner of the best booth (JGH) was a tie:
1) “ID-Me” (Yacov Blanshay for ID-Me Committee)
2) “Dépistage et évaluation des clientèles présentant un risque de suicide – vers des actions advantage concertées et harmonisées” (Dominique Boudreau for Mental Health and Addiction Team)

Some of the winners among the participants who visited the booths across the CIUSSS are:
JGH: Renata Benc, Kathleen Blagrave, R. Bongauan, Jucan, Celestial, Marie Clayton, Mildred Clements, Jean Costanzo, Jennifer Eastmond, Vanessa Fedida, Veronica Maj, Josephine Najem, Joy Plata, Robert Sabourin, Nancy Vincelli

Constance Lethbridge: Annie Pham
Centre Miriam: Denneine Gilkes
MAB-Mackay: Dale Meikle
Richardson Hospital: Belinda Ussher
Catherine-Booth: Shady West
CLSC René-Cassin: Cindy Thériault
Site Plaza: Alexandra Gingras
CLSC Côte-des-Neiges: Joelle Hogan
CLSC Park Extension: Leslie Kevin
CLSC Métro: Michel Martel
CLSC Benny-Farm: Seydou Dieng
Father Dowd: Razia Imram
Henri- Bradet: Anna Pucci
Saint Margaret: Berdrouet Morthei
Donald Berman Maimonides: Robert Ford
Saint Andrew: Constance Menkeng
Mount Sinai: Paul Pinette
Jewish Eldercare: Sunita Sehdev