In my second term, I look forward to continuing what we have begun together

Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg
Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg

A little over three years ago, when CIUSSS West-Central Montreal had just come into existence, I was interviewed about the long road ahead and what I hoped could be accomplished on behalf of our patients, clients and residents. The key, I explained, was to provide the means for staff to serve the public by working as a cohesive group with a real sense of collective identity. This could be done, I felt, by inspiring staff to build something together.

Now that my initial three-year term has concluded, I can see how far we have come as true builders. I am also gratified that the Minister of Health and Social Services has re‑appointed me for a second term, because this means I can be actively involved in continuing what we have begun, while strengthening what we have already built.

That’s not to say we haven’t occasionally stumbled. One can hardly expect nearly three dozen facilities, which had formerly been run independently, to crowd together without incident under a single umbrella. Nevertheless, I am heartened by the extent to which members of staff, Senior Management, the Board of Directors, our tireless volunteers and our generous donors have pulled together to distinguish our CIUSSS. While operating within a radically new management structure, they all forged ahead with programs, initiatives and major renovations to improve the quality and environment of care.

As I mentioned last month, many of these Bons coups are celebrated on our intranet, with many more to come. We have also seen the inauguration of Pavilion K at the Jewish General Hospital, as well as significant refurbishing—some projects completed, others yet to come—at the MAB Mackay Rehabilitation Centre, the Henri Bradet Residential Centre and Catherine Booth Hospital.

Like the improvement of quality, the process of building our CIUSSS is an ongoing task, and I have no doubt that significant challenges await us. However, I am equally confident that given the insightfulness, determination, ingenuity and warmth that I have encountered in all of our facilities, we are definitely up to the task. As my second term unfolds, I look forward to accompanying you on the next leg of our journey.

Lawrence Rosenberg, M.D., Ph.D.
President and CEO