Hetal Patel ­­appointed Associate Director of SAPA Long-Term Care

Hetal Patel
Hetal Patel

Congratulations to Hetal Patel, who has been appointed the Associate Director of SAPA Long-Term Care. In her new role, Ms. Patel is responsible for improving the access, continuity and fluidity of services at the multiple long-term care sites within our CIUSSS’s territory, those that provide long-term accommodation, temporary accommodation, as well as private sites.

Ms. Patel will strengthen collaboration among the directorate’s many professionals and multidisciplinary teams. Their duties include providing high-quality clinical services and person-centred care that meet the needs of individuals who are losing their autonomy.

Previously, as a Coordinator in SAPA Long-Term Care, Ms. Patel gained substantial expertise in that field. Her 16-year nursing career began in acute care at the Jewish General Hospital, culminating in nursing leadership positions in long-term care as Head Nurse and Senior Advisor. Ms. Patel received her Masters of Science in Nursing from Ottawa University.

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