Here for you, too

Elder Mistreatment Helpline also provides support to healthcare staff

Help is at hand. That’s the message from the Elder Mistreatment Helpline to healthcare professionals who are uncertain how to act on behalf of those targeted by abuse or neglect.

At 30,000 calls since its launch seven years ago, the free, confidential and bilingual Helpline has long been a resource to elder Quebecers and their loved ones. But with the volume of calls increasing with each passing year, the Helpline team reminds CIUSSS West-Central Montreal staff who witness situations of elder mistreatment that they, too, can reach out for guidance.

“Our qualified experts are on hand to assist not only those who suffer from mistreatment directly, but also healthcare workers who may feel powerless or bewildered when they come across more complex cases of elder mistreatment,” explains Cindy Thériault, the Helpline’s Planning, Programming and Research Officer.

Depending on the situation and needs of the healthcare worker, the service may include:
• discussion and shared understanding of the mistreatment situation
• identification of elements to be evaluated by the practitioner
• identification of possible avenues for intervention
• identification of relevant resources
• discussion regarding prioritization of interventions
• discussion about the clinical and ethical aspects

Training and consultation

For their convenience, there are two ways CIUSSS staff can arrange a consultation with a Helpline professional:
• call the Helpline at 1-888-489-2287 (ABUS) seven days a week between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. (and leave a message outside those hours)
• fill in a consultation request online

“We know that staff are very busy, this way they can book ahead and a worker from the Helpline will reach them within a requested time frame,” says Ms. Thériault.

The Helpline team is also updating their staff training material to make it more accessible to CIUSSS staff. Stay tuned to 360 for further details, as they become available.

To spread the word about the Helpline’s services for healthcare professionals, a flyer is available for posting or distribution at