Health and Safety Recognition Award given to Antonio Dos Santos

Antonio Dos Santos
Antonio Dos Santos (à droite), préposé en hygiène et salubrité à l’HGJ, reçoit un Prix reconnaissance Hygiène et Salubrité. Il est félicité par John Krowicki, chef de Secteur hygiène et salubrité de Service enviro, qui a présenté la candidature de M. Dos Santos.

JGH Housekeeping attendant is the recipient of Health and Safety Association prize

As 360 readers have learned, meticulous infection prevention practices are enforced on the K8 unit at the Jewish General Hospital. That’s because the K8 team, located in the Pavilion K wing, provides care to two distinct patient populations: those recovering from head and neck, thoracic or vascular surgery, and a cohort of medical patients who have tested positive for the antibiotic-resistant infection known as CRO.

The responsibility of preventing the transmission of CRO between and within two such vulnerable patient populations does not only belong to clinical members of the team. Staff from departments such as Security and Enviro Services are partners in keeping patients safe, according to John Krowicki, Sector Chief of Hygiene and Housekeeping, JGH Enviro Services. Mr. Krowicki singled out a member of his staff for their outstanding dedication to patient safety, nominating Housekeeping attendant Antonio Dos Santos for the Health and Safety Association Recognition Award.

“Antonio’s exemplary practices earn our trust and confidence,” Mr. Krowicki says. “He is recognized for following infection prevention measures to the letter, and works closely with the Infection Prevention team, nursing staff, as well as Security.”

“The K8 cohort is like no other,” he contends. “They are required to take extreme precautions to keep their patient population safe, and in this challenging environment, Antonio has always managed to keep his cool. He receives only compliments for his perfectionistic work, and is a role model for all his colleagues in Hygiene and Sanitation.

The Health and Safety Association award is an honour given to individuals in the field of hygiene and sanitation services within the health sector whose skill and professionalism, daily concern for improvement, and attentiveness to clients contribute to a safe environment and high-quality care.