Extraordinary nurses are celebrated at the Nursing AGA

Appreciation Awards were given out at the Nursing Annual General Assembly
Appreciation Awards were given out at the Nursing Annual General Assembly on April 25. From left: Alan Maislin, President of the Board of Directors of CIUSSS West-Central Montreal; Daniel Brunet, Auxiliary Nurse in Geriatrics; Elisabeth Daviau, Clinical Nurse in Acute Geriatrics; Eden Ventura, PAB in Geriatrics; Davina Lucas, Clinical Nurse at MAB Mackay Rehabilitation Centre; Christina Ziccardi, Clinical Nurse in Cardiology; Rita Kostoulas, Auxiliary Nurse in Dialysis; and Johanne Boileau, CIUSSS West-Central Montreal Director of Nursing.

Nurses from throughout CIUSSS West-Central Montreal gathered on April 25 at the Jewish General Hospital on the occasion of the Nursing Annual General Assembly, to honour seven colleagues who collected Appreciation Awards. The award recipients were nominated by their peers for their outstanding contribution.




The Award for Excellence in Care is given to a nurse who has contributed to enhanced quality of care and aims to continually improve nursing services to benefit patients.

Elisabeth Daviau, JGH Clinical Nurse in Acute Geriatrics

“We really give it our all,” says Ms. Daviau. “To know that our work has been recognized by our team is really encouraging. I’m very proud.”


The Award for Collaborative Practice is given to a nurse who promotes collaboration through teamwork and interdisciplinary work. They are motivated and have a positive influence on their peers.

Kirby Montecillo Deblois, JGH Clinical Nurse in Neurology

“Kirby is well loved on the unit by all of his peers, for his dynamic personality and strong work ethic,” says  Neuroscience Head Nurse Carla Jomaa.


The Award for Leadership is given to a nurse who is a source of inspiration and motivation for peers and shows measurable leadership skills. They are involved and invested in the workplace and contribute to the visibility and influence of the institution.

Davina Lucas, Clinical Nurse at MAB Mackay Rehabilitation Centre

“Anything that I accomplish is inspired by the respect that I have for the MAB-Mackay clientele,” says Ms. Lucas. “What’s really nice is being part of the CIUSSS now, because I have access to amazing expertise that helps me to be even better.”


 The Award for Future Leader is given to a nurse with 10 years’ experience or less. They are recognized for their leadership skills and ability to positively influence their peers. They are motivated, energetic, and contribute to the advancement of the profession.

 Christina Ziccardi, JGH Clinical Nurse in Cardiology

“Despite having started her career not that long ago, Christina has established herself as a resource for her fellow nurses,” says John Marsala, Nurse Manager of the Cardiovascular Unit. “She’s constantly looking for the most up-to-date and evidence-based best practices to provide the best care for her patients. She also gives the nursing students assigned to her ample opportunities to learn and grow.”




The Award for Professional Commitment recognizes an auxiliary nurse’s involvement and investment in their work, as well as their leadership skills. They demonstrate a sense of professional ethics and rigour, and bring about change in their field of practice.

Rita Kostoulas, Auxiliary Nurse in Dialysis

“Rita is keen to influence positive change on our unit, and is always ready to step in to improve the quality of life for our patients,” says Dialysis Head Nurse Johanne Gawryluk. “She is also a strong role model for new LPNs on our unit.”


The Award for Quality of Care is given to an auxiliary nurse who has a humanistic approach and provides patient and family-centered care. They contribute to the safety and quality of care, and are committed to professional development.

Daniel Brunet, Auxiliary Nurse in Geriatrics

“I’m surprised to receive this recognition because I’ve only been here for one year,” says Mr. Brunet. “Quality of patient care is one of the most important parts of my job, so to have that recognition by colleagues makes me really happy.”




 The Award for Quality of Care is given to an individual who advocates for clients’ autonomy with respect. They are viewed as a role model who provides family-centered care in a humanistic way.

Eden Ventura, PAB in Geriatrics

“Eden is very attentive to the needs of her patients, and always has a smile on her face,” says Acute Geriatrics Head Nurse Rita DiGirolamo. “No matter what happens on the unit, she is calm, gathers the team together, and smiles.”