Dr. Suzanne Levitz, Associate Director of Professional Services

Dr. Suzanne Levitz

Dr. Suzanne Levitz has accepted the position of Associate Director of Professional Services following nearly three decades of practice at Mount Sinai Hospital.

“I have been active within many different areas of our CIUSSS since its creation, so I am familiar with the intricacies of our vast network and its governance,” notes Dr. Levitz, who is a family physician. “I served on the CIUSSS Board of Directors, as a representative of the Regional Department of General Medicine. I’ve also sat on several committees within our organization, covering a range of disciplines such as pharmacy and therapeutics, clinical ethics, infection control, quality management, as well as the Medical Executive Committee, . Through this broad exposure, I’ve developed my knowledge of many facets of the practice of medicine and dealt with a host of related matters.”

“First and foremost, however, I’ve been well placed to build strong relationships with my colleagues, with other professionals in our network, and especially with patients and users,” says Dr. Levitz.

In her new position, Dr. Levitz is responsible for the family doctors across the CIUSSS, be they in acute care, rehabilitation, palliative and long-term care or front line. “My main goal will be to ease the integration of services across the network, working with our healthcare partners within our community, notably in nursing, rehabilitation services, social services, pharmacies and with medical specialists,” she explains. Dr. Levitz maintains that teamwork, collaboration and good communication will be key to the success of her work.

“I also plan to maintain the excellent relationships I developed over the years with the Ministry of Health and Social Services, other partner institutions here in Montreal and Quebec and all other physician organizations. My earnest wish is to maintain our existing, proven medical programs while developing new care and service corridors to better meet the needs of our population,” concludes Dr. Levitz.

Dr. Levitz is a graduate of McGill University in Physiology and Medicine. She completed internships and residencies at Wellesley Hospital in Toronto, Taranaki Base Hospital in New Plymouth, New Zealand, and McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Dr. Levitz has been an Assistant Professor at the McGill University Faculty of Medicine since 1991.

Following several years at St. Mary’s Hospital in the Family Medicine Unit and Emergency Department, Dr. Levitz joined Mount Sinai Hospital in 1991. Over the years, she held positions at this institution in Clinical Inpatient Pulmonary Rehabilitation, as Chairman of Continuing Education, Chairman of the Council of Physicians, Dentists and Pharmacists, and as Chief of Medicine.