Don’t get bent out of shape—reach out to an OT!

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Try as we might, many of us simply can’t seem to escape the backaches, knee pains or shoulder spasms that come with the work we do. But maybe that’s because we haven’t asked the right person for help.

An occupational therapist (OT) who specializes in adjusting workstations to make them ergonomically correct is now available to staff CIUSSS wide.

If your workspace is causing you physical discomfort, be attentive to how you are carrying yourself throughout the day. Consider, “what do I do?”, “how do I do it?” and “why do I do it that way?”  The better you understand your work habits, the more helpful and precise the OT can be in their recommendations.

One-on-one evaluations with the OT are typically an hour long. If you wish to request an evaluation, ask your supervisor to email Health, Safety and Well-Being in the Workplace at Be sure to include your:

  • Full name
  • Facility name
  • Location (room number, floor, pavilion)
  • Work phone number or other contact information