CIUSSS West-Central teams up with McGill University for new series of education capsules

Chantal Robillard, Planning, Programming and Research Officer at CIUSSS West-Central
Chantal Robillard, Planning, Programming and Research Officer at CIUSSS West-Central

Clinical and academic life can be incredibly busy, making opportunities for continuing education challenging. A new partnership between our CIUSSS’s Academic Affairs Directorate and the McGill University Faculty of Medicine’s Faculty Development Office aims to help address this.

The new “education capsule” series, launched in January, consists of one-page snapshots of important educational topics ranging from the importance of role modelling in clinical and academic settings to issues of patient safety. These digestible capsules will be available in PDF and print and circulated via e-mail to targeted distribution lists.

The partnership with McGill builds on our CIUSSS’s expertise in the field. The Academic Affairs Directorate of CIUSSS-West Central launched a series of information capsules in 2017 under the authorship of Dr. Chantal Robillard, Planning, Programming and Research Officer. These information tools on best practices in teaching supervision are aimed at supervisors within our CIUSSS, whether they be nurses, social workers, physiotherapists or other professionals.

“They provide pragmatic solutions to the challenges faced by supervisors when teaching students in our clinical programs,” Dr. Robillard says.

McGill approached our CIUSSS to work together on the new series last year. “This collaboration recognizes our expertise in knowledge mobilization and in explaining, in lay language, the literature on best practices in teaching supervision,” Dr. Robillard says.

While the capsules are not meant to supplant the importance of attending training sessions and workshops offered by both institutions, organizers intend for the capsules to supplement continued faculty and professional development in a user-friendly way.

“We really wanted this project to be accessible, digestible and useful for our academic and clinical communities,” said Dr. Michelle Elizov, Assistant Dean, Faculty Development at McGill. “This is another example of the benefits of a networked partnership with the CIUSSS West-Central, with whom we are collaborating to advance excellence in teaching and learning.”

The series launched with a capsule about role modelling, which can be used in situations where an educator/clinician has to do or take over an aspect of a clinical encounter because the learner does not have the requisite level of skills. The teaching is the discussion that occurs either during the event or after and is focused on explaining what was done and why.

“It is a pleasure to partner with the Faculty Development Office on this new series in order to enhance and share our knowledge on best practices in teaching supervision in clinical settings,” said Dr. Robillard. “This capsule series is a tailored response to the busy pace of clinical and academic life, bringing health education sciences directly to our teaching supervisors. It is also another contribution to our efforts to advance education of all clinical practitioners across disciplines.”

Visit our CIUSSS Intranet site to view capsules from our Academic Affairs Directorate and to see the new capsule with McGill.