Monique Perreault-Rousseau (seated) works at her weaving loom at the MAB-Mackay site. Joining her are (from left) are Volunteer Coordinator Mireille El-Asmar and volunteers Mary Austin, Dubravka Kusmic and Danyelle Brodeur.

Weaving dreams

Volunteers accompany people with visual impairments to create woven treasures Inside a workroom at MAB-Mackay, volunteers and participants are weaving magic—one strand of yarn…

Among the nurse clinicians on the Virtual Care team, (clockwise, from top left): Sandeep Swan, Marianne Villamor, Michelle Kosikowski and Zeenat Ashrafi. Inset (bottom right): Lara-Eloisa Marfa, Assistant Head Nurse.

Taking nursing into the digital frontier

Nurses play leading role in success of cutting-edge Virtual Care program Nurse Marianne Villamor assesses her patients with meticulous care: She checks their vital…