Across the Board: Learn about developments network-wide in Board of Directors newsletter

Newly elected council members were welcomed on board at the most recent CIUSSS West-Central Montreal Board of Directors meeting, on April 26. The elections run on a two-year cycle, and were the second ever held since the CIUSSS formed in 2015. You can follow all of the discussions held by the Board online in Board Info, a publication produced by the Department of Communications and Media Relations for the office of the President and CEO.

As an idea of the scope of topics reviewed during meetings, here is a selection covered in the 2018 Board Info newsletters:

  • A call by President and CEO Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg to reflect on ways of improving information technology within the CIUSSS, as well as to consider ways of applying ‘disruptive innovation’ to health care
  • Presentation by Segal Cancer Centre Director Dr. Gerald Batist about the research-driven evolution of cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • An overview of access to medical services strategies, by Dr. Louise Miner, Director of Professional Services. In particular, the APSS (priority access to specialized services) appointment centre and CRDS (the Service Request Distribution Centre), for specialty consultation requests by family physicians
  • Reports by responsible committees and directors following adverse events involving patients or residents, such as falls
  • An evaluation of the safety of certain medications for diabetics and oncology patients, by Lady David Institute researcher Dr. Laurent Azoulay
  • Lists of medical equipment requiring replacement by various CIUSSS programs, submitted by Dr. Robert Apardian, Chief of Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics
  • Staff appointments, such as of the new CIUSSS Ombudsperson, Marisol Miro

Interested in learning more about the CIUSSS Board? For information about Board Members, or to consult meeting agendas and the archives of Board Info, visit Home > CIUSSS West-Central Montreal > Board of Directors. Direct any questions to Communications Specialist Julie Beauvilliers at