A welcome return for the residents of Henri-Bradet

Move-day group of CIUSSS staff helping to return residents to the long-term care site, including Henri-Bradet employees along with Transport, Innovation and Move Coordination team members.
Move-day group of CIUSSS staff helping to return residents to the long-term care site, including Henri-Bradet employees along with Transport, Innovation and Move Coordination team members.

It was a homecoming two years in the making for the 66 residents and 49 staff of Henri-Bradet.

This spring, the long-term residence reopened its doors to residents who were temporarily relocated at the Jewish General Hospital while the site underwent major renovations.

“There were many smiles and joyful moments when we arrived, the move was a great success!” exclaimed Géraldine Morand, a unit head at Henri-Bradet. “The day unfolded so smoothly—the movers, maintenance crew and bus company all cooperated impeccably to carry out a safe transfer from the hospital to the residence.”

The seamless move was carried out by different teams of CIUSSS staff taking part both at the Jewish General Hospital and at the long-term care site. “Henri-Bradet’s team needed help, and since I had just started my week of vacation, I was available to pitch in,” says Paulina Lukasiewicz-Hamerski, an Administrative Officer at Mount Sinai Hospital. “My role was to transport the residents upon their arrival by bus to the dining room, so they could get settled into their room. Spending these moments with them made me see just how happy they were to come home,” she adds.

Similar sentiments were echoed by Arlene Rosen, a physiotherapist at Henri Bradet, who compared the move to reuniting with old friends. “Throughout the day, I made sure the residents were cared for, and had the right equipment whether it was a wheelchair or cane. The amount of work that was accomplished in two years, for the betterment of our residents, is just astounding. It was a challenging time for some, but after twenty-four months away they are happy to be back home, where they have more freedom and flexibility to move around,” she added.

Upgrades improve quality of life for residents, and enhance the work space of those who provide their care

The residents of Henri-Bradet moved out of the long-term care site in July 2017 so that extensive renovations could be carried out to provide them with more comfortable and inviting living quarters.

The building now features larger windows, additional bathrooms on each floor and an updated ventilation system. Residents returning to their newly furnished and freshly painted rooms found them equipped with a private television. Public spaces were similarly painted in brighter colours to create a more cheerful and airy atmosphere. What’s more, an updated lighting system can be adjusted to enhance the mood of residents, and impact favourably on their behaviour.

Employees are also enjoying a more efficient and rejuvenating work space, with refurbished workstations, as well as revamped and larger break rooms.

Innovation team’s expertise in planning smooth moves

The many staff and volunteers who contributed to the successful move came together under the guidance and leadership of the Innovation team. Since the CIUSSS was formed, Innovation has been responsible for planning moves within and between facilities. That experience proved invaluable in the return move to Henri-Bradet, with the entire operation handled so efficiently that it ended half an hour ahead of schedule. Meanwhile, families were kept fully up to date about the location of their loved ones.

“Our role is to provide support to the site’s move team and of course to their many partners,” says Emmanuela Deloge, an Administrative Processes Specialist with the Innovation team. “In the case of Henri-Bradet, we worked closely with Ms. Morand, who coordinated the move, along with her team. We plan all of the logistics and services down to the last detail so that everything goes well the day of the move—first and foremost the safe transfer of all residents.”

Ms. Morand adds that the success of any move depends on strong communication between the many teams involved. “The planning must be constantly reviewed and modified in the months leading up to the big day—always in consultation with all of the departments taking part, so that nothing is overlooked,” she notes. “Whether it’s the Food Services team, Maintenance, Housekeeping, Technical Services, Transport, Recreation, Nursing or PABs, from the very beginning everyone is focused on creating the most positive transition possible for the residents. Judging from the festive mood upon arrival, I’d say we certainly accomplished our goal!”