A little sunshine to brighten the day

Even on the gloomy days, there is a ray of sunshine in the Respiratory Physiology department at the Jewish General Hospital. Cecilia Melanson-Martinez, Respiratory Therapist (RT), warms any room she enters.

Hidden at the end of the second floor in Pavilion G, the Respiratory Physiology department performs complex breathing tests and assists Respirologists during intricate procedures for establishing diagnoses. During their appointments, patients can experience anxiety which makes testing difficult. This isn’t the case when Cecilia is around. Her generous smile, appeasing attitude and empathetic nature can reassure even the most anxious patients.

“She is a ray of sunshine in our department.” said Jacinthe Lavergne, “She is always smiling and sets the mood for the day. She can make any colleague smile – even the ones who aren’t morning people! Cecilia is always there for her team and is ready to jump in and help at a moment’s notice.”

Her infectious positive attitude helps her team come together to achieve great things for our users. Cecilia is always ready to jump up and rise to the challenge presented in front of her.  She believes that being there for her team is a priority has become an example for others to follow. As the youngest RT in the department, Cecilia has already made a big impact with staff and patients.

When asked about her secret to success, Cecilia said “I can’t take all the credit. I work with an amazing team of Respiratory Therapists! Whether helping a 98-year-old woman, a patient who is hearing impaired or a patient with a complex lung disease, each Respiratory Therapist in Respiratory Physiology will show extraordinary patience, professionalism and devotion to their profession!”

Thank you Cecilia! Your dedication to your patients and team help make a difference