2018 Mindstrong: Move for you, move for us!

JGH Psychiatry Team
The JGH Psychiatry Team, Mentally Fit, taking part in the 2017 Mindstrong. They will be participating again at the even this year. Photo by Lotus Photography

In recent years, much more attention has been paid in the media about the stigma surrounding mental illness. While awareness is very helpful in helping reduce prejudice, it hasn’t yet resulted in increasing the percentage of people with mental health problems to seek help.

Mindstrong Logo

Working in the health and social services network, I understand the importance of making sure that we support and provide a healthy work environment for our staff. We must always treat those who are suffering with compassion, dignity and respect. We need to take action. And I would like to do it in a fun and meaningful way.

I invite you to join me, as part of the Staff Stigma Fighters team, for the Annual Mindstrong fitness event. This sporting challenge will take place:

When: May 6, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. 
Where: Midtown Le Sporting Club Sanctuaire.

The goal of the event is to raise money to develop new initiatives and provide support for those dealing with a mental health problem.

Register and join the Staff Stigma Fighters team

If you are unable to be participate, you can still support the event by making a donation in support of a colleague who will be participating. Since each participant is asked to raise $500, you can lend a helping hand to a colleague who is struggling to achieve their goal through a donation

The money raised will be given to a special fund created at the JGH Foundation for CIUSSS staff mental health. By joining team Staff Stigma Fighters, not only will you be participating in a fun and energizing day, but you will also help raise funds for a very good cause.

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact Carolyne Baker, Administrative Assistant to the JGH Foundation’s events, at cbaker@jgh.mcgill.ca.

Together, we can make a difference!

— Beverly Kravitz, Director of Human Resources, Communications, Legal Affairs and Global Security